Saturday, June 23, 2012

Public Service Announcement For Apple TV Owners Who Have Children

The Apple TV ships with a Flickr screensaver which allows you to pull images off Flickr matching a search keyword. For instance, mine is set to "puppies," so my screen saver usually shows images of puppies.

However, Flickr search is not perfect. If a Flickr user has uploaded a picture of a happy anime St Bernard having sex with an underage human female, and tagged that picture "puppies," you may be left wondering what the fuck is the deal with the Japanese.

It is distinctly possible that children of a young age might be better off not viewing this particular image. I have no idea who I would recommend this image to, and I think whoever it turned out to be, they would not be flattered, but that's another question.

The only thing I can recommend to parents is that they exercise good judgement. The Apple TV is too good not to buy. However, it would certainly be awkward if a child in their "monkey see, monkey do" years interpreted an image like that literally.